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One of the biggest bills that most people pay (especially in the U.S.) is taxes!  We are absolutely taxed on everything.  We are taxed when we sleep. We are taxed when we tax. TAXES TAXES! TAXES! 

One of the places we are taxed the most is on our job paycheck. As a matter of fact, those taxes are "TAKEN" not paid. Learn how you can pay less taxes on your job paycheck and create an up to $800 "tax refund" 

  • Form W4. This is the "secret" weapon.
  • A business.  You MUST have this in order for your "secret" weapon to work.
  • Coachable. If you really want to take advantage of what your Form W4 & business can do for you. You MUST be coachable and follow the system in place. 
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